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    Automatic assembly relay production line
    This machine is high-power contactor assembly and test production line. The parts used in the equipment, except coil assembly / static contact, shell / outer core, and moving contact assembly used in are sent to the equipment by stacking type automatic feeding mechanism. It mainly adopts synchronous transmission line, rotary tooling, visual inspection, manipulator cutting mechanism and so on. The materials include body, air core, rubber pad, all of which are automatically loaded, assembled, tested and unloaded to the swinging plate. The utility model has the advantages of cost saving, simple operation and high working efficiency. The Machine Features: 1. Operation interface intuitive, easy to use, easy to maintain. 2.Production counter statistics, production can be intuitive and controllable. 3.Fault alarm display error, easy to troubleshoot. 4.The equipment is assembled in the form of rotary disc intermittent assembly structure, automatic feeding assembly;
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