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Automatic assembly line for hardware lock

  • April 13, 2021

Xiamen Boaote Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. It's a development, design, manufacturing, sales, service, technical training and talent customization as one of the high-tech automation equipment professional manufacturers. Provide automatic assembly testing and packaging integration equipment for hardware products, DC contactors, relay products, new energy electronics, medical devices, auto parts, motors and other industries. Adhering to the concept of "quality for survival, integrity for development" and "leading technology to create first-class products ", the company provides high-quality automatic production equipment for continuous innovation and continuous improvement. Help customers improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs, cast first-class products, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, and continue to focus on the electronics and electrical industry non-standard automation equipment and automation equipment R & D and manufacturing. Through 10 years of continuous development, the company's products stable and efficient application performance has been praised and trusted by many companies.

Precision automation provides door lock hardware assembly equipment non-standard custom machine, all kinds of lock core assembly, door lock hardware assembly, welcome to consult and confirm, customized for you to suit your enterprise automatic assembly equipment.

1、Warranty: 1 year from date of shipment. If any damage during the period caused by the seller, the seller shall then offer free maintenance on site and free component replacement

(Exclusive of quick-wear parts).

2、The Seller offer life-long maintenance service, only labor cost will be needed if beyond the warranty period. If any damage parts needed component replacement and the Seller is

not to blame, the Seller has the right to ask for material cost for replacement component.

3、The Seller will respond to any defects claims within 4 hours by telephone, email, and fax. For maintenance service in Fujian province within 36 hours, outside of Fujian province within        72 hours. For components replacement, the actual time can be negotiated additionally.

4、The Seller provide free training of operating personnel.

5、The Seller will also provide relevant technical information, including operating instructions & quick wear parts drawings.

6、 The following situations are not included within the warranty period:

a. Quick wear parts confirmed by both sides;

b. Machine damage caused by natural disasters for example earthquake, fire, thunderstroke, and improper operation.

Can be designed and customized for customers, to a greater extent to meet the technical needs of different products.

Our company has obtained many patents and inventions.

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